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Carlton Log Book 1950-55

Carlton 1950 -55

The second log book began on Friday July 7th 1950 when the camp reopened after World War 2 when boys from Park Road and St Aidan’s were the first visitors.

No cook till the Monday and water supply very ‘weak’. Plumbers investigating.

Miss Rae appointed camp commandant…

11th July dinner late electric supply failed.

Following entries are of activities done by children , walking, exploring, drawing, fossil hunting, sing songs, country dancing,visits to market and round the village  etc. In addition, children had to make their own beds and clean own area ready for inspection which still happens to this day.

Many references to children falling ill or having accidents by name (100 year rule prevents naming them)

Sat 15th July 1950  ‘ Children returned to the village in time to see the wedding procession of the daughter of the Manor.’

Heavy rain, dormitory roof leaking so groundsheets put on top bunks to keep children dry. After midnight when staff went to bed. No electricity.

Unrest amongst domestic staff- eventually resolved.

Monday 17th Delivery van out of order  Miss Rae had to go to Stokesley for potatoes.

Discovered egg allocation had not arrived. Miss Rae cut bacon for 80 for breakfast.

Miss Rae spent over an hour mending wires under children’s beds.

Over next days various school staff help with cooking.

Tues 20th July Mr Harrold HMI visted and feels with all its difficulties that camp has proved  to be a satisfactory experiment.


June 1953 The staff and girls of West Hartlepool High School for Girls have enjoyed every minute of their week’s stay at Carlton. The facilities are excellent. The choice of food and cooking are exceptional and our thanks to the permanent staff. We are also grateful for the way the people of Carlton have received us.

However there are some niggles;

Park Road teachers commented that ‘ pillows either provided by camp or brought by boys would improve sleeping conditions.’

Dyke House Boys’ Staff said  ‘Food an improvement on last year but bedsprings are in a much poorer state than last year and need replacing.’

Elwick Road staff suggested ‘feather pillows for staff and that children’s bunks be renewed when necessary as  considerable time has been spent  trying to patch them up.’

High School  ‘our only complaint is the shortage of lightbulbs’

June 1954 Further comments from Jesmond Road and Lister Street ,’ sleeping conditions could be improved if pillows were supplied, boys bringing their own pillow slips.’

At least 4 comfortable chairs should be provided for staff and beds should be renovated.


Bedding aired but wires on several beds missing. 11th July school staff spend time repairing eds.


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