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West View Junior School

From West View Junior School Log Book

School was built by Durham Education Committee and opened on 7th September 1959 when 268 children aged 7 and over were admitted.

From the admission book, the children were from West View Infants' School and also a large number from Hart Road Juniors. Quite  a number came to the new school from Throston, St Mary's Prissick Street and Baltic Street schools also. All of these schools were in the old town of Hartlepool in Durham Education Authority area.

By 1961, most of the children admitted were from West View Infants'.

The first headteacher was Mr JW Potts. School was officially opened on 22nd Dec 1959 by Mr F Orr.

In Sep 1960, furniture had to be borrowed from Hart Rd school and King Oswy to accommodate the 365 pupils.

28 June 1961 School closed Durham Regatta

3 April 1967 School reopened under Hartlepool Education Authority

1 April 1974 School reopened under Cleveland County

14 April 1975 Mr Marsh appointed headteacher

14 December 1976 Headteacher requested that some (named) members of staff do not send children out of school to buy them cigarettes !

29 Jan 1979 School opened part time in West View Infants' as building was closed because of fuel shortage due to tanker drivers' dispute.

17 July 1981 last day of West View Juniors. ' busy day.  Received presents from staff and pupils and wish success to new Primary School. best wishes to Mrs Ellison as Primary Head.   Anthony Marsh '

2 Sep 1981 School opens as West View Primary

6 Jan 1982 356 on role in primary school

3 Sep 1985 Mr Shaw appointed head teacher

26 Feb 1996 Mr Andy Brown took up post of Headteacher


Thanks to West View School

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