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Successful Scholars of the Wesleyan School 1871-1913

Avenue Road Wesleyan School (later Avenue Road School) appears to have been one of some repute as the following are listed in WR Owen's 1913 'Remeniscences of Education in West Hartlepool' and this is not the case in other schools.

'Many Scholars of this school have done exceedingly well in after life. The following are a few examples;

Rev. Salton (American Methodist Church)

Joseph Mace (Wesleyan Minister Edinburgh)

Charles Johnson (Wesleyan Missionary West Africa)

Prof Alexander Mellanby Dsc. (Secretary of engineering Glasgow University)

Prof. John Mellanby MD Bsc etc.(Medical Research Singapore)

Prof. Edward Mellanby MD BSc (Medical Research Cancer ,London) Long after the 1913  book was written, he was the man who discovered Vitamin D during his research into rickets in 1919 and he was knighted in 1937

Frank Lund, H. Pearson. J. Pearson, CH Ford  all shipowners

F W Lewis    (director and London manager of Furness, Withy and Co)

R Coleman (NER Estate agent and councillor)

J Groves (Chief Government  official in China)

J Gordon (Judge in Calcutta)

Arnold Branson (Gas and Water engineer and manager)

Robert and TA Jobson (shipbuilders)

G Wheelwright (Contractor  Australia)

J Coombes (leather manufacturer Lincoln)

Frankland (millionaire meat packer)

Thos Liddle JP (Board of Trade)

James Boanson (master painter)

Fenwick (leading tenor St Paul;s Cathedral)

F Gordon (professor and tenor London)

Mr Dunbavand the head teacher was headmaster in 1871 and at the time of the 1913 book and obviously enjoyed a lot of success. The school was fee paying and possibly favoured by the more affluent members of the town.

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