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November Raid Letter - Transcript

                                                                                                                         Tuesday night

 Dear Bessie,

          Just a line to let you know we are alright after such an escape as few had as the Zepp  appeared  to be just over our house and such awful noise with bombs and guns firing and then it burst into flames just when over our street and it went over Beaconsfield Street and over moor and sank in sea just opposite grand stand and all town was out to see and folks are undressed and half -dressed flying up moor to see it go down.  I shall never forget the awfulness of it.  I was sitting reading a bit in the kitchen when the first booms seemed to be just at hand.  Bill asleep in bed and kids too.  The damage in West Hpool is a good deal all about Middleton Road and ………… windows are out with concussion all lot wounded and some killed but not known yet I think hospitals are full they say.  It is a mercy as far as we know this place was not touched.  It makes one very frightened of going to bed one never got undressed all laid down in our clothed till morning.  May’s boy had only come at after 10 his train was more 2 hours late through the Zepps being on the road.  He was very nice and would have done badly without him as he had been in so many about London he thought little of it.  He never saw one down so far before and could clearly see the gondolas and every shape of it beats all.  The poor lad had to go back at 5 tonight it was not worth come for and such a distance too lot past London,  Jack saw it all from their billet. Do write and say if you saw anything.  Bill’s heart was bad and of course nothing in the house to take.  Poor  Wilf they are half starved Mrs Conway says  in France.  I sent him a few things last night not for Xmas of course folks are send a lot every week him but it costs so much.  Gardener’s (coal) son had gin 2 weeks sent to france.  Folks have been looking all over today for any bits of the wrecked Zepps.

No time as it is post now

Love to all

How is Aunt this week and your cold you would have been rushing out to see without clothes on I expect if you had been here and got nerve.  Say how you all are when you write please.

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