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Oxford Street Log Books

A small number of  interesting items from log books from A History of Oxford Street Schools 1889-1971 by Derek Hornby ;

1891 27th April Poor attendance menagerie in town.

1900 Feb 12th Temperature in various Infant rooms was 34, 36 and 39 degrees F.

1903 Oct 9th School closed area  flooded.

1913 Feb 7th A good deal of trouble caused by two upper standard girls bringing sweets into school- a forbidden thing.

1914 May 14th School closed visit of 10 military aeroplanes.

1914 Dec 16th School closed bombardment.

1915 Oct 11th School transferred to Lister St School as military took over Oxford St School Children attend mornings one week afternoons next.

1916 Girls in Standard V have made small calico bags for hand grenade throwing.

1916 Nov 28th Poor attendance Zeppelin raid.

1917 Mar 13th Children attended Bostock and Wombwell's Wild Bear Show.

1917 May 10th Children returned from Lister St.

1918 Oct 1st Military again use school, children transferred to Westbourne Sunday School.

1919 Jan 7th School closed by medical officer influenza epidemic.

1929 Oct 29th Electric heating and lighting installed.

1932 My 13th First Carlton Camp 18 boys.

1939 Sep 8th  209 children evacuated to Stokesley area.

1947 Sep 22nd  A 'Negro' Oxford undergraduate demonstrates dance from native Zanzibar.

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