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Park Road Teachers 1941- 1964

Taken from the school log book Jan 1941 to the closure of the school in July 1964. The log book is held in Hartlepool Central Library.

Teachers at the school at some point during this timescale are listed at the front and notes are as shown in log book.

Appleby , Miss Jean Chilton, 2 Tristram Ave commenced Aug 24th 1942. Transferred to Oxford St Apr 24th 1944. Trained Ripon

Austin, Miss Ruth 2 Hesledon Hall Cottages, Hesledon, 2.9. 1957   Domestic Science

Agar, Miss Margaret (later Mrs Ringwood) 25 Chester Rd  Domestic Science 29.8.1949 and went to 3 Edgeton Close Tadcaster 23.7 1953

Blohm Miss Karin, trained in Leeds. 4 Bolton Grove Seaton Carew commenced Aug 24th 1942. To ward Jackson Nursery Dept Jul 14th 1943

Boast Miss Mary, trained at St Hild’s Durham  32 Amberton Rd. Commenced Jul 14th 1943. To Ward Jackson Mixed Apr 17th 1944

Boyle Mr Joseph trained at St Mary’s Twickenham. 62 Hutton Ave. Commenced Apr 8th 1946. Left 30.9.47 to R.C. school

Blake Miss   68 Oldfield Park Westbury Wiltshire   P.E. teacher    1.9.1959

Baines Mrs M   28 Wilton Ave   Domestic Science. Commenced 7th Jan 1960

Brown Miss Rhoda (later Scott)   Leeds 1946-8     Park road July 1948

Burnitt Mrs Ada   Trained Sunderland . Park Road May 1949.  22 Eamont Gdns

Carswell Miss   Assistant    206 Oxford Rd  Transferred t Brougham 1.3.1943

Carroll Mrs E   Assistant   66 Belmont Gdns .  Died 22.10.1946

Crosby Mr George Claude  Trained 1920-22 Bede College.  37 Welldeck Rd. Commenced Mar 1st 1943. Transferred to Elwick Rd Boys’ School. Headmaster Jesmond Road Junior School 1945-6. Headmaster of Park Rd Senior School 1946-64

Corner Mrs N, Trained Neville’s Cross 1940-2 . Commenced 1.9.1947     24 The Crescent

Curry Mr commenced 1.9.1947   Handicrafts Master. Evening Classes 1944-48.   Park Road 1.9.1947.  City & Guilds

Clarke Mr Walter, Lancaster College 1 year trained. Park Road 7th Jan 1948.   2.9.1957 Elwick Rd       Lived Tunstall Grove

Conkerton Miss  31.8.1953- 22.7.1955  St Aidans

Dawson Mr D   B.A.  Northallerton   3.9.1951  To St Aidans 9.4.1952

Dollin Mr Ralph  29.8.1949  , 2.9.56 to Lister St Juniors

Dunbavand Miss    Domestic Science  left 30.9.1947

Forth Miss B  trained Ripon. 8 Teesdale Ave commenced Aug 24th 1942 Resigned Aug 31st 1943

Foster Miss F l , Uncertificated  3 East view Horden  commenced Sep 1st 1944. Left 30.9.1947 as Mrs J Knights

Fenton Mr J  , temporary   24.11.1947- 19.12.1947

Foster Miss May 145 Alma St   1.9.1952   General

Frost Mr N  Sept 1947  Trained 1 year   left for Lister St 7.9. 1964       228 Park Rd, previously 54 Wynnstay Gdns

Grainger Mr Phatuel  Trained Leeds, 23 Stratford Rd. Park Rd Nov 1941. Elwick Rd 7.9.1964

Glover Mr Thos  Trained 1 year Freckleton.  Park Road Mar 1948

Greenless Miss  29.8.1949

Harkness Mr   B.A.     Park Rd 3.9.1956    to Grammar School 2.9.57   8 Tristram Ave   Maths,history

Hogg G M  Headteacher  23 Grantham Ave

Holroyd John Snowdon      St Mark’s & St John’s College 1923-25  Commenced duties Jan 11th 1943     155 Grange Rd

Hogg Miss Dorothy Mary    Trained St Hild’s 1940-2    48 Avenue Rd   Commenced duty Sep 2nd 1946

Howells Mr Keith   10 Tristram Ave  3.9.1956       Maths, English ,PE    to Stockton 2.9.57

Hetherington Miss Kathleen   23 Torquay Ave    3.9.56    PE and general

Horsman Miss Sheila Bridget, (Walker)  169 Grange Rd    commenced 1.9.1955   Domestic Science

Irving Miss Ruth     Domestic Science   Sep 48- 22.7.1949

Jowsey Mr William    Trained Sheffield    90 Chester Rd  Commenced Aug 24th 1942  to Newburn Juniors  Jun 21.1.1948

Knights Mr John     Trained Bede College      157 Park Rd   commenced 23.8.1943 left 4.7.47 to Elwick Rd

Johnson Mrs  29.8.1948  Supply duty


Lowe Mr Stanley   11 Whitfield Drive

Lacy Miss N     Trained St Hild’s    16 Elliott St   commenced Aug 23rd 1943

Lancaster Mr FN  8.7.47- 1.9.47  temporary     to Dyke House

Laverty Miss  Park Rd 1.10.47    to Elwick Rd 12.4.1948

Mitchell Miss A.M  Trained St Hild’s 1944-46       Park Rd Sep 1955

Noble Mr William Arthur    19 Percy St   commenced Aug 24th 1942  Retired  Dec 23rd 1942

Noble Miss Muriel    Trained St Hild’s 41-43      Park Rd  1943-1952

Rowan Miss Norah   Trained St Mary’s Fenham     16 Wesley St  commenced Aug 23rd 1943  Tranferred to Sacred Heart  Sep 1st 1944

Ramsbottom Mrs May   untrained     39 Milton Rd   commenced duty  Sep 2nd 1942

Reay K P M      Trained Lincoln

Snowdon  Miss  Domestic Science  commenced 1.9.47 left 23.7.48

Smith Mr Alan  37 Station Lane   Trimdon Station    commenced 2.9,57     Woodwork

Suggitt Miss Stella (later Borthwick)   25 Gloucester St   1.9.1960

Steele Mrs  temporary 3rd Nov 1947

Smith Mr V     Park Rd 4.9.1950- 20.4.1953   to Elwick Rd

Turner Mr Wm     5 Eldon Grove   Headteacher Jul1st 1942 and transferred as Headmaster to Elwick Rd Central Boys’ Nov 1946

Thomas Mrs  56 Bright St Sunderland     Clerical asst  24.9.1951- 15.7.1955

Terry Miss Marion  Trained Bishop Otter College Chichester 1940-2    6 Belmont Gdns  Commenced Sep 2nd 1946- 22.7.1949

Thompson Mr I  29.8.1949- 23.7.1954     Woodwork

Vasey Miss M H  Trained Darlington 1913-15   started Nov 1915  6 Moor Parade  Deputy Head

Vickers Mrs M   41 Belmont Gardens    Temporary

Webster Mrs D    Trained Goldsmiths,    5 The Crescent     Commenced Sep 1st 1943

Wright Mr W   temporary unqualified 1947     to college 1.4.1949

Williams Mrs Lily   Trained Sunderland 1920-2    Park Rd 1948

Whatcott Miss Elaine   Trained St Hild’s   1939-41   Commenced May 1948





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