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Notes on the Hindmarch - Cope Family

The following family notes were compiled by John Robinson:

James Cope and Mary Isabella Hindmarch were married late in life and had no children. James was born in West Hartlepool in 1881 and Mary Isabella in Hartlepool 1897. James died in 1953 in Hartlepools Hospital and Mary Isabella in 1986.

James parents were originally from Manchester and Staffordshire, and had a stationary business in Hartlepool. When his father Walter died, his mother Elizabeth operated a glass and china dealership in which his sisters worked. James was an electrical engineer and spent a lot of time in Africa. 

Mary Isabella’s father Thomas was born in Hartlepool and was a marine engine fitter and worked in a supervisory role at Richardsons Westgarth. His family were originally from Gateshead and Northumberland.

Thomas’ wife was Mary Elizabeth Robinson, daughter of John Hunter Robinson whose family were harbour pilots and fishermen. The Robinsons were very active in the Weslyan movement in Hartlepool.

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