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Holy Trinity Church Football Club - Thomlinson Cup Winners

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Seaton Holy Trinity Church Football Club team played in the Hartlepool Church League and won the Lieutenant Colonel Sir William Thomlinson Challenge Cup and Medals beating St Lukes in the Final on the Victoria Ground in 1935/36.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. A Harrison (Trainer)

  2. W Lithgo,

  3. R Waller,

  4. H Hart,

  5. W Wallis (Captain)

  6. N Collingwood,

  7. J Hall

  8. J Parker (Treasurer).

Row 2

  1. E Lucas (Vice Chairman)

  2. A Bryan,

  3. E Martin,

  4. J Balderson,

  5. E Ruddick

  6. K Morgan.

Row 3

Donor : Maureen Anderson


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