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First Communicants 1930s

What we know about this image :

Many children unknown and this would be at the Whitby Street School.

The photograph was taken in the schoolyard at the rear of the school, the entrance of which was in Scarborough Street. 

The First Communion Mass Saturday 23rd October 1937.

Back row last lady on the right is Miss Sparks, boy directly in front of her is Francis McDonough (donator of this information), the boy to the left of Francis is ? Feeney.

The boy sat in the chair on the right wearing a smart shirt and tie is Attilio Bianco whose family owned the Ice Cream Parlour in Whitby Street.

The boy sitting on the floor in the front row (last on right) is ? Amerigo whose family had the Ice Cream shop on the corner of Elwick Road and Penrhyn Street. 

Donor : Margaret Hodgson/St Joseph's


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