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Cuthbert Sharp plaque

What we know about this image :

This heavy bronze plaque was for many years on the house which was the birthplace of Sir Cuthbert Sharp at 113 High Street Hartlepool.

After a period of at least 12 years during which time a number of local people campaigned that the historic Georgian house should be saved, it was demolished by the old Hartlepool council around 1959.

It seems one of the engineers working on the demolition gave the plaque to Hartlepool Council for safekeeping and it was placed somewhere in the Borough Buildings. What happened next is a bit more unclear.

In 1967 Hartlepool and West Hartlepool amalgamated and an effort was made to recover all artefacts and documents from both towns and the then Borough Engineer brought the plaque to Hartlepool Museum in 1972. It is catalogued and in safe keeping although for a number of years it was on display at Hartlepool Maritime Museum when it was in the Carnegie  Building. It is hoped that in the near future it can be once again displayed.

Donor : Hartlepool Museum Service

Creator : F.Wilson


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