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Casper family members - 1915

What we know about this image :

A photographic paost card sent to Harald Casper in July 1915. Family descendant Mark Stone mentions this "is a rare photo of the family.  Harald is certainly in it, also most likely Orla Casper (top left, possibly the only photo of him), then Harald Casper, possibly Hans Casper as one of the older gentlemen, definitely Kathleen Dorothea aged 3 or 4.
The postcard reads: 

"Dear Uncle: Hope you admire your good old self. Little en is very happy and well. Loads of love to you all from Loll." Loll probably is Laurel E. Casper, daughter of Hans Christel Casper. Lolly, as she was always lovingly referred to by Kathleen Dorothea Casper was her cousin, was the nick name that everyone used. Kathleen was probably "little en", in the front row, four years old at the time. It would be safe to assume that Hans Christel Casper is in the photo, as he was the head of the household living in Middlesborough, England, managing the shipping business, with his brother Harald who lived in West Hartlepool. Lolly may be in the photo as well, which was greatly faded especially on the right.

Date (of image) : 1915

Donor : Mr. Mark Stone

Creator : unknown


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