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Silver Wedding Anniversary

What we know about this image :

From Mark Stone (Kathleen Casper's grandson): 

Harald Waldemar Casper with his family in West Hartlepool. Standing at the back are Walter Mattocks Casper (1895-1986), Laurence Axel Herbert Casper (1892-1956), and Emil Andreas (Bill) Casper (1889–1974). Seated at the front are Harald Waldemar Casper and Lizzie Casper (nee Mattocks - Harald's wife). The young girl is Kathleen Dorothea Casper (1902-1994).

Missing from this family photograph is Mark Harald Casper (1889-1908(, who died during the great influenza epidemic.

Date (of image) : 1910

Donor : Mr. Mark Stone

Creator : unknown


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