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Amby Fogarty Testimonial

What we know about this image :

Ambrose Fogarty was an Irish international and ex Sunderland hero who, when he was signed by Hartlepools United as it was then in 1963, was by far the most expensive and high profile player the team had ever had. He cost £10,000.

He made 138 appearances and was awarded a testimonial on March 2nd 1967. Hartlepools, including manager Brian Clough, played Charlie Hurley's  11. Hurley was another Sunderland and Irish international.

The Pools side won 6-3 and the scorers were Jimmy Mulvaney, Terry Bell, John Sheridan, Joe Livingstone(2) and Fogarty himself. There was a crowd of over 7000 and also a dance in his honour.

On the photo taken at the time are L-R  Tony Parry, Brian Drysdale, Stan Aston, manager Brian Clough, Joe Livingstone, Brian Grant, Tony Bircumshaw, John Sheridan, Amby Fogarty, director Bert Young, Ken Simpkins, Ernie Phythian and Jimmy Mulvaney.

When he retired, Fogarty managed a number of Irish teams and he died in January 2016 aged 82.

Date (of image) : 2/3/1967

Donor : Hartlepool Museum Service

Creator : NDM


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