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From College roof (2)

What we know about this image :

Taken in 1968 from the roof of the newly built College of Further Education, this image shows a quickly changing town centre.

Recognisable today are the Cenotaph and to the right of it, the Grand Hotel, both in Victoria Road. Also visible between these two structures is the old Essoldo cinema or Carlton Bingo as it is now. Two church spires can be seen, the one slightly further away is St Paul's in Grange Road and  the one slightly closer is the now demolished York Road Methodist Church which was on the corner of South Road.

The large shop on the left on Stockton Street is Pounders which had been a plumbing and heating business but a large extension was built to the right of the original shop and in this area a wide range of quite upmarket fancy goods for the home were sold. The street running west beside this shop is Thornton Street. The large sawmill has disappeared as have the streets running north from Thornton St - Peckett, Wesley and Hanover Streets making way for Middleton Grange Shopping Centre which is under construction.

One of Stockton Street's last buildings, the Good Intent pub is the white building at the end of the terrace.

Date (of image) : 1968

Donor : Russell McAndrew

Creator : Harry Elliott


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