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Townsmen v Fishermen - Loss of the Trawler "Doris Burton" 1915

What we know about this image :

A poster from the Great War reminding us of a little remembered local tragedy, the disappearance of the trawler “Doris Burton”, with 9 men and boys on board drawn from both Scarborough and Hartlepool.

Built at Hall Russell in Aberdeen and commissioned in May of 1914, the “Doris Burton” was owned by R H Davison of Hartlepool, one of the major shareholders being Burtons of Norton hence the vessel named after one of the family.

The vessel sailed from Aberdeen on the 20th November, 1914 and disappeared. Initially expected  back in Hartlepool she was eventually declared lost on the 8th January, 1915. She was probably mined or possibly sunk by an enemy vessel.

As was often the case in those times, families were left without a breadwinner and funds were raised to assist from various sources,  one of which this game held at the Friarage Field.


Date (of image) : 5/4/1915

Donor : Harftlepool Museums Service

Creator : F W Mason

Part of the "Robert Wood" collection


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