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West Hartlepool Amateur AFC - 1904-1905 - A Theatre Date

What we know about this image :

A glimpse into the Music Hall passion for bringing novelty to the programme, this is one of a pair of posters from April 1905; giving audiences the chance to applaud local sporting achievements at the Empress.

The Amateurs had been invited to open Friday nights’ Second house programme on 14th April, 1905 and give everyone a chance to see the Cup. A week later Hartlepool Rovers appeared on the 20th with the Durham County Senior Cup on display, the Rovers poster can also be found on the HHT&N site under "1905-1914" Hartlepool Rovers etc.

The Empress is better known by its later name of the Palladium and stood in Northgate near the Railway Station.

Date (of image) : 14/4/1905

Donor : Hartlepool Museums Service

Creator : F W Mason

Part of the "Robert Wood" collection


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