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Ready for the High School 1961

What we know about this image :

The photograph was taken in Belmont Gardens in September 1961. Elizabeth Aisbitt (left) and Carole Forster (right)  were about to start West Hartlepool High School for the first time. However instead of just walking round the corner, they had to travel to Jesmond Road School as in 1961 the High School was being extended and renovated and 1st years used empty rooms at the primary school.

Uniform was very strict, the dark blue gaberdine mac and all skirts a regulation length, grey knee length socks, black lace up shoes with at least 6 lace holes, satchel on both shoulders please and of course the 'pork pie' hat to be worn at all times in the street !

Date (of image) : 0/9/1961

Donor : Elizabeth Donkin


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