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View from Christ Church 1991

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This view was to change dramatically over the next few years. In the foreground is part of the United bus station which was shortly afterwards demolished to make way for the Marina gateway dual carriageway and quite intricate system of traffic lights. The Mail Office was demolished in 1995 and a new and much larger one was built very close by and occupied in 1996. On the far right is Victoria Park (or Ground as it was called before it was refurbished in 1995) the home of Hartlepool United.

To the left of that is the Greyhound Stadium with the ABC Forum immediately behind it. Both were demolished in 1997 and Morrison's supermarket was eventually built on the site. To the left of the Greyhound Stadium are the two eaves of the Grey Art Gallery and Museum. This also closed in 1995 when the new museum complex opened on the Marina, and is now used as museum storage and archives.

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Date (of image) : 0/8/1991

Donor : Hartlepool Library Service

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