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Seaton High Light 1

What we know about this image :

THe highlight at Longhill surrounded by the North Steel Works. The light was built in 1839 along with the Low Light at Seaton. One light shone above the other to give double lights as a warning to the vessels out at sea.


If you look behind the lamp post in right-hand side of the image you will see the rising conveyor gallery that carried the iron ore and coke breeze up to the surge bins in the building immediately to the left of the lamp post. The mixed ore and breeze was then conveyed to the building to the left again to be sintered and sent to the nearby blast furnaces of the South Durham Steel and Iron Company. 

HHT+N 97

Date (of image) : 1967

Donor : Douglas Ferriday

Part of the "Hartlepool Library Collection" collection


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