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Ropner Buildings Mainsforth Terrace

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Ropner Buildings Mainsforth Terrace, Hartlepool with the former Exchange School to the left. The Exchange School opened in 1879 and was in use until 1936 when it was found unfit for use. It had to be pressed back into service when the St Joseph's School in  Musgrave Street was damaged during an Air Riad in 1940 and it continued in that guise until 1957 when the new St Joseph's was opened. Many former pupils wil recall the Gaslighting during winter and the open coal fires in the classrooms!

The Ropner Building was in use by the Company until the War when they moved their operaton to Darlington and building was later used by the D.S.S.  The site of the Petrol Station was the site of the Exchange, a short lived Victorian enterprise long demolished, the cleared site was always in use during the years of St Joseph's School for a football match every lunch hour of the School term for those staying for School Dinners in the nearby Temprorary Dinner Huts in George Street, later used by Lindbergs for industrial purposes.


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