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Dormitory at Carlton

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This dormitory was possibly in the all purpose hall known as The Barn today. Nowadays there is accomodation on two floors for a total of about 60  children  in bedrooms for 4 or 6  whereas from the opening to the late 1960s, children slept in long dormitories and it was customary for up to 120 children to stay there.

In the later 1960s, a boys' and a  girls' dormitory were constructed but these were demolished when the new two story dormitories were built, although part of the boys' dormitory remains as a store room for waterproofs currently.


We have had some information from Mr Peter Hanlon who tells us that the boys are from Dyke House School c 1953/4.

He states that the chap telling the jokes before lights out was a Jimmy Seargent with himself (Peter Hanlon) behind on the right. Some of the others are John Dunning and Brian Hodgson. 

Donor : Carlton Outdoor Centre


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