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Oxford Road looking east towards roundabout

What we know about this image :

This was probably taken around 1947 when West Hartlepool Council was constructing B.I.S.F.  (British Iron and Steel Federation)housing quickly, more or less from kits, in common with other towns following the massive shortage of homes after World War 2. In West Hartlepool, these were built here at Rift House and in the Windermere Road area. In Hartlepool, they were built in the General Hospital area and they were often referred to as 'tin houses'.

St Aidan's Church can be seen in the distance at the bottom of Oxford Road and just past the houses on the left is Kingsley Avenue. On the far left behind the new houses, are probably those in Browning Avenue or Kingsley Avenue. Building is still taking place and a few more houses were built next to these, but to this day there is a large  grassed area and playground just to the west of these houses. The houses are still there today but some are greatly altered.

Donor : Robert Wood Collection

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