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Green Street

What we know about this image :

Looking north from Burbank Street, Green Street only ever had houses on one side. Anchor Mills is on the right hand side and Cameron's Brewery and The Stranton pub are visible in the distance.

Mr Terence Briscoe was born in No. 31 Green Street, the first house in the foreground, on the left is the ice cream shop. He was hired to go to the ice factory which was in Villiers Street, to collect in a wheelbarrow blocks of ice. Most of the ice, because of his ten year old legs, had melted before he reached the shop.

On the left side of the street during the war years were two air raid shelters. Mr Briscoe's family preferred the cupboard under the stairs because the "inhabitants of the shelters had numerous legs and spoke in squeaky voices". 

At the top right Riley's Billiard Hall was situated and round the corner was a Post Office. In the foreground at the top centre was one of the most important places, namely the Public Toiets.

These memories were donated by Mr Terence Briscoe. 


Date (of image) : 1964

Donor : Robert Wood Collection

Part of the "Hartlepool Museum Service" collection


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