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Hart Lane from Cemetery

What we know about this image :

Taken from the North Cemetery, the streets off Hart Lane are possibly Jobson Street and Hopps Street. 

The Nursery Inn is to the left, as viewed from cemetery, on the next block down.

According to Geoff Telfer the closest building seen in the image was an off-license which his grandmother managed.

His Grandmother was called Mrs Mead (Winifred Martha Margaret - known as Winnie). Her brother, Harold Marsden, was a pianist in one of the bands which played regularly at the rink.

Mr Telfer believes the shop was part of the Cameron’s group and does'nt recall it having a name. Mrs Mead lived in the shop with her three childeren as her husband didn’t survive the war. According to Mr Telfer's mother, at one time Mrs Mead accepted a monkey from a sailor as payment and they kept it as a pet.


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