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Stockton Street from Thornton Street

What we know about this image :

Looking along Stockton Street, Alfred Street is on the right and on the left at the end of the terraces is Binns. The railway water tower is visible. On the wall in Alfred Street is an advert for the Lex cinema.


The photo was from a photographic record of the Central Area of West Hartlepool prepared in 1955/6 at the request of the Town Planning and Redevelopment Committee 'in the hope that it will be of interest to future generations of West Hartlepool'  

The record focuses on areas which were within the next ten years to be completely redeveloped following The Max Lock Plan. It was compiled by WL Taylor and photographs developed by Thomas Clarkson Chemist of Tower Street.


Date (of image) : 1955

Creator : West Hartlepool Council

Part of the "Library" collection


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