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Special Constables 1914

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Special Constables from 1914. All the men seem to be quite affluent by their dress. Was this the only criteria that was required?

Their only badge of office at this time appears to have been the armband though a lot do appear to be wearing the same badge on their lapels.

Left to right.

R. Barbes, T.W. Robinson, T. Lowery, F.F. Smith, J. Beal, W.N. Martin, J. Sanderson (sgt.), S. Jarmain, J Burdon, J. Hughes, G. Fawcett (sgt), Coun. W.H. Thornton, Rev. W.J. Knowlden (deputy group leader), C. Carter (group leader), J. Carr, H. Amber, W. Tittle, A. Warr.

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