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Sir Cuthbert Sharp's House

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Looking in a pretty sorry state with the house adjoining it demolished, this is the birthplace and childhood home of Sir Cuthbert Sharp.Located in the High Street, old Hartlepool next to St Hilda's Church, it was the subject of a long lasting conservation campaign in the 1940s and 50s which was eventually lost when the old Hartlepool Council demolished the building.

There were plans to extend Brougham St,now Durham St, towards the sea and the site was apparently needed. According  to news reports at the time, Sharp's house was in the way and despite an independent surveyor saying that the house was sound, the council disagreed and thought it too expensive to maintain.The plans to extend Durham St never came to fruition and  today the site of the house is still vacant.

The birthplace plaque can be seen in situ under the left hand window.

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