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1946 - Hartlepool Rovers v R.F.Oakes International XV

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An R.F. Oakes International XV for the annual match against Hartlepool Rovers, played at Clarence Road, West Hartlepool, on May 4th, 1946.

This game was played at the Greyhound Stadium as Rovers had lost the lease of their "Friarage" ground in 1941 and had the use of Grayfields for their games.  West loaned the Greyhound Stadium for the Oakes games for several seasons after the restart of Rugby after the War, Rovers had meantime acquired Low Warren Farm for their "New Friarage" ground and this was opened in 1948 and has been the Rovers home since.

The Greyhound Stadium in Clarence Road had been West Hartlepool’s home ground since 1912. They had reformed in 1911 and played at Foggy Furze, however West Cricket Club moved from the Clarence Road site in 1912 and after negotiations with the North Eastern Railway, West moved onto Clarence Road that year a situation that was to last until 1970 when they moved on to their Brierton Lane ground. 

Morrison's Supermarket in Clarence Road now occupies the site of the Greyhound Stadium.

In these pre Wefare State days, all proceeds from the game went to the Hartlepools and to the Camron Hospital.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. R.S.L.Carr (Manchester, England),

  2. W. Rutherford (Tynedale, Northumberland),

  3. Surgeon Lt S. Peel (Navy England),

  4. J. Harrison (Rovers, Durham),

  5. G.A. Kelly (Bedford, England).

Row 2

  1. G. Whittaker (Referee),

  2. J.S.Wood (Rovers),

  3. W.I.D.Elliott (Edinburgh Accs, Scotland),

  4. G. Matthews (Rovers),

  5. R.H.Peel (Headingly, England),

  6. F. Bulley (Rovers),

  7. J.B.Lees, (Selkirk, Scottish Services),

  8. N. Manuel (Rovers, Durham),

  9. C.R.Bruce (Glasgow Accs, Scotland),

  10. J. Bantoft (Rovers),

  11. N.M. Hall (St. Mary’s Hosp, England),

  12. I. King (Rovers),

  13. A.C.Harrison (Linesman)

  14. R.Kingswell (Linesman)

Row 3

  1. F.C.N. Hill, (Bristol, England), 

  2. J.J.Robertson (Rovers),

  3. T.W.Price (Gloucester, England),

  4. L. Hand (Rovers),

  5. J. Heaton (Captain, Waterloo, England),

  6. R.F.OAKES,

  7. J.W.Guerin (Rovers, Durham),

  8. J. Mycock (Salford, England)

  9. R.Pendlington (Rovers, Durham).


Row 4



G. Markwell (Rovers),

J .W.Thornton (Gloucester, England),

F. Ryder (Rovers),

J.R.S. Innes (Aberdeen U, Scotland),

T.Danby (Durham City, England)

W.K.T. Moore (Navy , England),

R. Lloyd (Rovers)


Date (of image) : 4/5/1946

Donor : Hartlepool Museum Service

Creator : Yeoman & Co.


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