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School Dental Inspection, Miss Manley

What we know about this image :

Anyone who was a pupil in West Hartlepool Schools in the 1940s,50s or 60s, will remember Mr Wildgoose and Miss Manley the school dentists and it is highly unlikely that those memories are good ones !

This image is taken from a booklet, priced one shilling, about Education in West Hartlepool and printed to commemorate the Festival of Britain. The image is of  a child having teeth examined by Miss Manley.

ACcording to Hartlepool Mail October 1958, Miss Margaret Manley was from Pontefract, studied at Leeds University, was in private dental care in her home town for ten years and then around 1948 was appointed in West Hartlepool. She was a Guide District Commisioner and a member of Hartlepool Red Cross.

How many would agree with this quote from the Festival of Britain publication ?

 'Old fashioned fears, previously entertained by parents and children, have almost disappeared because of modern methods and sympathetic treatment in modern surroundings. Everything possible is done to encourage children to have their teeth attended to. Recently the Education Committee have had a tank of goldfish installed in the dental waiting room, so that even goldfish are pressed into the service of education.'

Many have memories of this formidable pair of dentists !


Date (of image) : 1951

Donor : St Aidan's Primary School

Creator : West Hartlepool Council


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