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View of Elwick Road circa 1954

What we know about this image :

The two large houses in the foreground looking over the Burn Valley Gardens, are Ambleside on the left and Rosebank on the right and these formed Rosebank School. The large white house on the top left on the Elwick Road/ Queensberry Ave corner is Hartdale which is still there today although it is divided into two homes. The large white house top centre was Broomhill home of the Forslind family. This house was demolished in 1970 and a number of bungalows occupy the site.

Newlands Ave is the road in the centre running vertically and Westlands, Northlands, Eastlands, Southlands Avenues can be seen having been built after WW2. Claremont Drive can be seen but is very incomplete and only the first few houses built for RAF (Army ?) personnel are apparent on the top right.

Date (of image) : 1954

Creator : Aerofilms

Part of the "Hartlepool Museum Service" collection


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