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Two girls in Caledonian Road

What we know about this image :

The donor of this image found it on her door mat recently with a covering note that she may be interested. It shows her house and is dated 1935. The house was new , is close to Stratford Road in Caledonian Road and at that time, voters' lists show that the houses  were not numbered but named. It seems by deduction that Hubert Heslop and his wife lived in the property in the mid 1930s.

The reverse says 'To Nancy with love from Audrey and Pat August 1935' and it seems that when clearing her mother's house, whoever put the photo though the door, found it amongst her mother's possessions. Apparently 'Nancy' took care of the children when she was 16 and was very fond of them.

We think, after a bit of research, that the children could be Audrey and Patricia Heslop the children of Hubert Heslop and his wife Dorothy, nee Brough. The current owner of the house and donor of the image says that she was told that a partner of Heslop and Hall glaziers put special and more expensive leaded  windows in her property when it was built, so this all adds up !

Date (of image) : 0/8/1935

Donor : Elizabeth Donkin


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