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Thornhill Open Air School Elmwood Road

Details about Thornhill Open Air School Elmwood Road

The purpose built school was opened in 1935 on a slightly elevated site in Elmwood Road, and designed so that the 'delicate' and 'physically handicapped' children attending could benefit from the fresh air. Medical theories expounded the benefits of good air, sunshine and afternoon 'naps' to improve health and hundreds of children were educated at the school throughout its life. Many lessons were taken outdoors completely. Although many ex pupils have very happy and secure memories of the school, almost without exception  children deemed at the time 'delicate'  would today be educated in mainstream school and would not be distinguishable from others. The school closed in the 1970s when Thornhill School Elwick Road was opened. This in turn closed in 1999 when children were absorbed into other primary schools.

The land in Elmwood Road was sold in 1978 for £30,000 to a property developer and housing is now on the site.

The photos below show what a very diverse education the children received, bee keeping, gardening, home economics and metalwork being just a selection. The images portray the school as a very happy place.


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