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Greatham C. of E. School

Details about Greatham C. Of E. School

Original school opened in 1878 on the village green.

Prior to this there was a Dame School in Greatham. in 1831, the Barrington School was opened on the corner of the green close to the Community Centre (the old school building) This was named after Rev Barrington. Master of Greatham Hospital and was funded by a grant from the Hospital and donations from villagers. It was demolished in the 1970s but there is a plaque where it stood.

The school opened in 1878 was erected with more donations from the Hospital and villagers and a grant from the National Society. In 1951 the school became controlled by Durham Authority and catered for all ages. By 1960, secondary pupils attended schools in Hartlepool, Billingham and Sedgefield.

In 1970, the present school opened and the old school still stands on the green as the Community Centre.

Thanks to Greatham Primary School for this information.


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