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St Hilda's Hospital (Hartlepools' Hospital)

Details about St Hilda's Hospital (Hartlepools' Hospital)

The old Friarage Manor House was the workhouse from the late 1770s and became part of a hospital from 1865. It was built around a manor house from the 1600s. In 1967, it became known as St Hilda's having previously been called Hartlepools' Hospital as it served both Hartlepool and West Hartlepool. It was also the A and E department for the town until in 1984, the St Hilda wing of Hartlepool General opened and the hospital closed.

It was demolished in 1987 and the original old manor house is all that is left. The Manor House for many years was encased within the hospital and was probably the ENT ward. There are many tales of 'grey ladies' associated with the older parts of the building!


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