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Golden Flatts School

Details about Golden Flatts School

In 1938, West Hartlepool Council reserved a site east of Stockton Road which was formerly part of Middleton Grange Farm for building a primary school. However when house building recommenced after World War 2, the Max Lock plan suggested that the school should be built closer to Seaton Lane on part of Golden Flatts Farm land. Building commenced in 1948 and the infants' school opened on 23rd October 1950 followed by the junior department on 3rd September 1951. It was built with 6 infant classrooms for 240 children and the junior part had 9 classrooms for 360 pupils.

The school cost £140,000 which included purchase of land, building and furnishing.

For some years, the school has been divided as the large number of classrooms were not needed and half of it is Hartlepool Educational Development Centre housing a number of education related Council departments.


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