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The Seaton Players

Details about The Seaton Players

The Seaton Players, a local theatrical group which played in the Temperance Hall, Charles Street, built in 1867, was formed in 1944.
Seaton-born Celia Howard (nee Battersby) remembers "The Seaton Players used the Temperance Hall until it became a condemned building - I'm thinking about 1960. I think the ceiling / roof was cracking. The members used to convene in their own houses in the village as I well remember their visits for the committee meetings in our front room. Both my parents were members and they played out the popular stage dramas of the day. The titles evade me now, but I think they are still evergreen in the theatre world today."

Looking at the photos Celia remembers sitting through all of the plays as her sisters were four & nine years older & she was too young to be left home alone. She remembers Ken Tyzack, a prominent Seaton businessman who made icecream, owned amusements & later the Blue Lagoon nightclub, bringing an urn into the hall so that refreshments could be served during the interval.

Celia's sisters were adept at roller skating & took part in the Seaton Carew skating rink gala in the 1950s.

A performance of 'Tomorrow's Child' was performed in 1954 with a review in the Northern Daily Mail of 16 March 1954. The play was summed up as being  'A play well worth seeing for its neat humour and unusual theme. Well acted but with a lack of balance.'


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