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Details about Steetley

Steetley Magnesite Works were opened in 1937 and were built to extract magnesium from sea water. They were often called the Palliser works and were owned for most of the time by Steetley of Worksop. Production increased in 1939 because the site was the only one in the UK producing much needed magnesite in World War 2 for steel production.

In 1997, the company was sold to Britmag and was again sold in 2002 to CJC Chemicals but neither of these companies enjoyed success and it was closed in 2005.

The chimney, which could be seen from great distance up the  Durham coast was built in 1961, and in 2012 was demolished aided by a young boy who had won the privilidge of firing the explosive in a  raffle for Hartlepool Hospice.

After many problems with the safety of the derelict plant and youngsters attracted by the similarity of it to swimming pools and diving boards, Hartlepool Council have finally cleared the site now.


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