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Needham Bros.

Details about Needham Bros.

This company was formed by David and William Thomas Needham when, in 1903, William Gray built the steamship Mariner for them. In 1890 their father Thomas, a shipwright, had shares in several local ships and in 1892, David, a clerk of 22, York Road, West Hartlepool, had shares in Coverdale's ship Mennythorpe.

Their office in 1914 was in Exeter Street and all four of the ships that they owned were built by William Gray, three being built for them and the fourth, the Cresswell, being purchased from Jones & Prosser, of London. She was renamed Rivulet but did not serve the company for very long as she was lost in December 1914.

The other three ships also became war losses, though by then they had been sold to other owners. With the sale of the Brooklet in 1915, no doubt at an advantageous price, the company ceased shipowning. At that time their address was 36 Exeter Street, West Hartlepool.

Compiled by Mr. Bert Spaldin.

Family History:

William Thomas Needham was born at Hartlepool on 27 April 1859 to parents Thomas, a shipwright, and Elizabeth (nee Spence). William married Sarah Harrison in 1887. By 1901 the family were living at 18 York Road.

William died at Hartlepool aged 75 on 5 May 1934 leaving effects of £1,085.

David Needham was born at Hartlepool in 1867 to parents Thomas, a shipwright, and Elizabeth (nee Spence). David married Mary Ward at Sedgefield in 1893. By 1911 the family were living in Park Road, Hartlepool.

David died at Hartlepool aged 60 on 17 February 1927 leaving effects of £29,103.


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