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Details about Sinclair

John Sinclair was a local shipowner based in Church Street, West Hartlepool. In the late 1890s he owned a number of ships, including the Killingworth, John Johnasson, 348 gross tons, built by C. Mitchell in 1870; the Sinclair, 397 gross tons, built by Short Bros. in 1891; and the Pione, 295 gross tons, built by Short Bros. Sunderland, in 1883.

Mr. Sinclair sold all of these ships in 1896 to H.B. Olsen, also of Church Street, except the Pione which went to shipowners away from West Hartlepool. The Killingworth was one of the earliest steam colliers and regularly made 60 voyages per year to the Hartlepools. She was built in 1855 by C. Mitchell and had a gross tonnage of 315.

Family History:

John Sinclair was born in Scotland in 1845. He married Annie Dunn at Howden in September 1866. By 1891 the couple were living at Avondale, Stranton with their two children.

John died at Hartlepool aged 51 on 5 August 1898 leaving effects of £184.


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