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Hartlepool Original Shipping Co.

Details about Hartlepool Original Shipping Co.

Formed in 1835 under the management of Robinson Watson and with a capital of £50,054. The shareholders were paid extremely high dividends which probably brought about the downfall of the Company. The shareholders were; Thomas Thompson of Stockton; Thomas Allison Tenant (railway clerk) Stockton; Joshua Byers (timber and lead merchant) Stockton; Ralph Walker of Stockton and Thomas Fox (spirit merchant) of Norton. William Lisle (miller) and William Geoge Jackson (grocer and druggist) both of Hartlepool. Although some of the shareholders were from Stockton-on-Tees all their vessels were known as Hartlepool ships and traded from that port.

The company went into liquidation in 1843 with some of their ships purchased by the Phoenix Shipping  Co. Those ships are  listed under that company. They were: Allison, Evenwood, George William and Schiedam.



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