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Fawcus & Partners

Details about Fawcus & Partners

Robert Fawcus and his son, also Robert, owned and had shares in Hartlepool registered ships from 1845.

Other shareholders included: Ralph Ward Jackson; William Ramsey (master mariner, Hartlepool); Edward Turnbull (solicitor); James Stephenson (timber merchant, Bishopwearmouth); Thomas Wilkinson; Henry Fawcus (Stockton-on-Tees).

Family Histories:

Robert Fawcus was born on 13th July 1816 at Stepney, Middlesex to parents Ann (nee Evans) and Robert Fawcus.  He married Anna Maria Speciall in April 1841 at Stockton-on-Tees and the couple had 14 children throughout their marriage. By 1845 the family were living at Seaton Carew. Robert became a coal merchant and shipbroker and was Swedish, Norwegian and Russian Vice-Consul for the Hartlepools.  Anna died in May 1871 at Over Dinsdale Hall near Darlington. By 1881 Robert had retired and moved to South Eaton Place, London and by 1891 was living at Norbiton, Surrey.

Robert died aged 78 at Norbiton, Surrey on 2nd June 1894 leaving effects of £1,484.

Robert Speciall Fawcus and his twin Thomas Powell were born in 1845 at Hartlepool to parents Anna Maria (nee Speciall) and Robert Fawcus. He married Emily Best on 7th October 1869 at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Stockton-on-Tees. In 1871 the couple were living at North Road, Seaton Carew and by 1881 had moved to Front Street, Seaton Carew. Emily died in September 1889 at Norbiton, Surrey.  On the probate in 1890 Robert was listed as a merchant at 23 Rood Street, London.  By 1891 Robert was living at Norbiton, Surrey with his daughter Emily and sons Robert and Charles (coal merchant shipbrokers) and John (barrister).

Robert died aged 58 at Over Dinsdale, Norbiton, Surrey in March 1903 leaving effects of £2,234.


Henry Fawcus was born in 1842 at Stockton-on-Tees to parents Anna Maria (nee Speciall) and Robert Fawcus. Henry became a solicitor and married Anne Share Lockwood on 7th January 1869 at the Parish Church, Stockton-on-Tees. The couple had four children. In 1868 he took over from his father as Swedish, Norwegian and Russian Vice-Consul for the Hartlepools. At this time the family were living at Seaton Carew. By 1881 the couple were living at Boldon, Durham and Henry was listed on the census as a coal-exporter. In 1891 the couple were living at Osborne Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne with his business premises at Queen Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne,

Henry died aged 60 on 28 January 1903 at Harley Street Infirmary, Middlesex He was crossing a busy road in London when he was knocked down by a cab and died of his injuries a short time later. Another account gives his death as suicide by shooting himself. He left effects of £3,122.


Edward Turnbull was born in 1821 at Newcastle-on-Tyne to father Edward Turnbull. He married Ann (Annie) Galloway at Tynemouth on 26th January 1846.  Edward began his career as a solicitor with Richard Wilson of Darlington. The partnership was dissolved by mutual consent in January 1847 and Edward took T.H. Tilly as a partner at his premises at 13 Church Street, West Hartlepool. The firm became Turnbull & Tilly. Edward had studied ships and seafaring men and mastered the legal side of those and other matters. He was elected mayor of Hartlepool in 1849 and again in 1853. He lived most of his adult life at West Hartlepool.

Edward died on 27th July 1888 at 9 Belsize Park, Hampstead leaving effects of £16,076. His widow, Annie, died the following year.



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