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Jobson & Co.

Details about Jobson & Co.

Ebenezer Jobson formed a partnership with Ludwig August Stahle and George Horsley. The company appears to have owned eight ships. On Ebenezer's death George Horsley took over the company and it went from strength to strength.

Family History:

Ebenezer Septimius Jobson was born on 25 February 1825 at Elswick to parents Edward and Dorothy (nee Frost) Jobson. He started his working life as an apprentice to Peter Hansen & Son situated at the quayside in Newcastle-on-Tyne. In 1813 Ebenezer moved to Hartlepool to open a branch for that company and a few years later he set up his own business as a timber merchant, coal and general exporter and shipbroker.  He married Agnes Sophie Hansen at Stockton in 1855 and the couple had two children, Edward Charles and Henrietta Sophie. In 1858 Ebenezer became a member of Hartlepool Town Council and in 1859 was elected mayor.

Ebenezer died aged 52 at Hartlepool on 7th April 1877 leaving effects of under £25,000.

Ludwig August Stahle was born in Malmo, Sweden on 15 March 1838 to parents Maria Catharina (nee Mandorff) and Anders Petter Stahle. In 1857 he was in Germany and then must have returned to Sweden as he departed from there for England in 1863.

Ludwig married A.Ernestine Bohlin and was naturalised as a British subject in May 1871. The ship Petter Stahle was named after their son, Petter, born at Hartlepool in 1873.

Ludwig died aged 75 at Malmo in February 1914.


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