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Wood & Co.

Details about Wood & Co.

The company of J. Wood & Co. began with the purchase of the steamship Dewdrop in 1882. In 1904 the company relocated their offices from West Hartlepool to London. Their last two ships were sold in 1909.

At different periods the company owned three ships one named Twilight and two named Sunshine.

Family History:

John Wood was born in July 1849 at Swansea to John (a dealer in marine stores and then became a licensed victualler) and Harriet Wood. He married Jane Parcell at Swansea on 10th March 1873.  The couple had one daughter in 1885 and the family had moved to Sutton, Surrey by 1901.

John was an apprentice able seaman then a junior officer before obtaining his master's certificate no. 15518 in 1874. He moved to West Hartlepool in 1877 and became marine superintendent for Cory, Lohden & Co., before becoming a shipowner himself.

John died aged 72 at Monksdene, Benhilton on 27th July 1921 leaving an estate of £101,477.

Obituary in the Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail – Friday 29 July 1909.

The funeral took place to-day at All Saints, Benhilton of Mr. John Wood of Monksdene, Benhilton. Deceased, who formerly carried on business in West Hartlepool and resided here for many years, was well known and esteemed in both boroughs. Whilst a resident at Sutton he had interested himself in the affairs of the place and became very popular. About four years ago Mr. Wood slipped and fell whilst in his billiard room, breaking his thigh. Since then had been confined to the house, and on Wednesday, after an illness of about three weeks, he passed peacefully away at the age of 72, death being attributed to syncope. In his early days the late Mr. Wood commanded many steamers, and settled in West Hartlepool in 1877, where he remained until went to Sutton. His first duties onshore were those of superintendent for several large shipbuilding firms. He was, at one time, Chairman of the Deptford Dry Dock, Chairman of the Tyne Dock Engineering Co., Ltd., South Shields, Chairman of the Ocean Dry Dock Co., Ltd., Swansea, and director of sundry insurance companies. As a Freemason, he was a Master of the Clarence Lodge, West Hartlepool,


John’s brother James Ambrose Wood was born in 1860 at Swansea. He married Edith Mary Cook at Swansea in 1880 and the couple had three children. James worked as a clerk in the office of a shipowner at Swansea. Between 1891 and 1896 he moved to Hartlepool and by 1911 the family were living at  15 Hutton Ave Hartlepool.

James set up the company of J.A. Wood & Co., owning two ships between 1896 and 1908. One was the steamer Teesdale built in 1904 by Ropner, Stockton-on-Tees. She was sold to Ropner & Co., in 1908 and sank in August 1917.

James died aged 75 on 25 September 1935 at 50 Belmont Gardens Hartlepool leaving effects of £1,382.




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