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Metcalfe Simpson & Co. Ltd.

Details about Metcalfe Simpson & Co. Ltd.

Thomas Metcalfe and Robert Simpson were shipping agents and shipbrokers trading as Metcalfe, Simpson & Co. In 1903 they formed a shipping company to manage the new steamship Alicia bulit by William Gray & Co.

In April 1903 a newspaper report stated: 'Alicia Steamship Company (West Hartlepool) (Limited). This company has been registered with a capital of £26,000, in £10 shares to adopt an agreement between William Gray & Co. (Limited) and Metcalfe, Simpson & Co. to carry on the business of shipowners in all its branches, provided that the company may not own more than one steamship at the same time.'

Their last steamship Manchuria was torpedoed in October 1917 and Robert died in December 1917 which brought about the end of the company.

Family History:

Robert Woodliffe Simpson was born at Middlesbrough in 1852 to parents Robert and Hannah (nee Dale). His father died in 1860 in China and by 1871 Hannah and her son and three daughters had moved to Stranton, West Hartlepool. Robert started his working life as a timber merchant’s clerk and by 1881 had become a shipbroker. He married Mary Elizabeth Clark at Stockton in 1881. By 1911 the couple were living at 'Ingleside' 57 Hutton Avenue with their daughter.

Robert died aged 66 at Harrogate on 30 December 1917 leaving effects of £109,342.

Thomas Metcalfe was born in 1855 at West Hartlepool to parents John and Jane. He married Mary Jane Banks in 1871. By 1901 the couple were living at Stamford House, Victoria Road with their four daughters and their son, John, who was listed as a shipbroker. Mary Jane died in 1926.

Thomas died aged 71 at West Hartlepool on 12 October 1926 leaving effects of £127,347.

Herbert Metcalfe, a brother to Thomas, held a prominent position in the shipping world at Gothenburg.


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