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Metcalfe Shipping Co. Ltd.

Details about Metcalfe Shipping Co. Ltd.

John Metcalfe was the son of Thomas Metcalfe of Metcalfe, Simpson & Co. He formed Metcalfe Shipping Co. Ltd., with the purchase of the first ship in 1929, the Dunelmia, built by William Gray & Co. They went on to own a further nine ships before selling the company to Furness, Withy & Co., in 1979.

When John died in 1971 his sons, Thomas and John Ovington Metcalfe, took over control of the company. By 1972, because of death duties, they kept just two tramp ships from the fleet. In 1976 they purchased the Industria, the third ship of that name, and in 1977 the Dunelmia, the fourth ship of that name.

Family History:

John Metcalfe was born at Stranton, Hartlepool in 1888 to parents Thomas Metcalfe and Mary Jane (nee Banks). John was appointed Swedish Vice-Consul for Hartlepool in 1920 and in 1944 was appointed Swedish Consul. John and his wife had three sons and a daughter lived at The Grove, West Hartlepool.

Thomas Metcalfe was born in 1916. In June 1946 Thomas helped to open a subscription for repairs to the Swedish church on the fringe of Hartlepool dockland which had suffered damage during the War. He was married at Sunderland on 26 June 1951 to Elizabeth Joan Clerey. Thomas reached the rank of Lieut. Colonel in the Royal Regiment of Artillery.  In 1955 he followed in his father’s footsteps by his appointment to the Swedish Vice-Consul for Hartlepool.

Thomas died on 30 May 1975 leaving effects of £116,897.

John Ovington Metcalfe was born at Middlesbrough on 19 June 1918. He was married in April 1951 at Whitby to Doreen Willis. John died aged 87 at Middlesbrough in November 2005.


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