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Callender White & Hunter

Details about Callender White & Hunter

Callender, White, & Hunter owned four ships between 1878 and 1888 although one, Harlsey, was only owned for a very short period. John Callender ‘s business speculations were unsuccessful and by 1886 the company was in financial difficulties and was dissolved in 1889.

Included in the list of ships below are the sailing vessels in which John Callender had shares.

Family History:

John Callender was born in 1829 at Greenside, Ryton to parents John (surgeon) and Amelia Hannah (nee Watts) Callender.  John arrived in Hartlepool as a young man and became an assistant in the firm of William Gray (later Sir William Gray). He became a partner in the drapery firm Gray, Callender & Co. who also had a considerable interest in shipping at Hartlepool at that time. He then had an interest in the shipping firm of Callender, White & Hunter. John never recovered from the financial problems he incurred whilst involved in this company and possessed only moderate means to care for his large family.

He married Hannah Maria Jackson (daughter of W.G. Jackson, chemist) in 1860 at Hartlepool. The couple started off their married life living at Southgate Street, Hartlepool. John became a town councillor in 1874 and was a director of the Hartlepools Fishery Co. Ltd.  By 1871 the couple were living at Moor Terrace, Hartlepool with their three daughters and three sons. In 1881 the couple occupied Nos. 13 and 14 Moor Terrace with their seven daughters and three sons. In 1886 the family were living at ‘Gainford House’, Henry Smith Terrace which went up for sale in December 1886. By 1891 the family had moved to 9 Groves Street, Hartlepool.

John died aged 64 at Groves Street, Hartlepool on 29th July 1893 leaving effects of just £5.00. His widow, Hannah, died aged 83 in 1922.

John White was born on 6th June 1822 at Yarm to parents John and Frances White. He moved to Hartlepool as a child. He was apprenticed to Thomas Bird, currier, to whose business he succeeded. His first wife, Jane, died between 1861 and 1868. His second wife was Anna Jane Robinson whom he married at Hartlepool in 1869. From his two marriages John had two sons and seven daughters. By 1871 the family was living at 92 Brougham Street with John listed as a magistrate and currier.

John was elected to the council in 1860 and became an Alderman and J.P. From 1873 to 74 he was the elected Mayor of Hartlepool. He was a Governor of Smith’s Charity and a manager of the Hartlepools Hospital. John was also a vice-chairman and director of the Hartlepool Gas and Water Company.

John White died aged 78 on 6th March 1900 at Hartlepool leaving effects of £9,319.

John Hunter was born c 1847 at Hartlepool to parents John (coal fitter) and Barbara (nee Benson) Hunter. John attended Bathurst Academy and then went to work as a clerk in his father’s office. He married Mary Pearson in 1874 at Durham. By 1881 the couple were living at 16 Cliff Terrace with their three daughters with John listed as a merchant. By 1891 the couple had four daughters and John was listed as a steamship manager and shipbroker. John then became an auctioneer with premises in High Street, Hartlepool and Scarborough Street, West Hartlepool. On the 1911 census the couple were living at ‘Beechgrove’ Castle Eden. John later moved to West Hartlepool.

John was elected to the Hartlepool Town Council in 1875 and in 1881 was made a Justice of the Peace. He later became an Alderman retiring from the council in 1823. For a long time he was secretary of the Hartlepools Chamber of Commerce and was also chairman of the Hartlepool Liberal Association. He was a talented singer and took part in operas put on by the Hartlepool Operatic Society. At the age of 71, while in London, he had a record made of his singing.

John Hunter died aged 79 at Hartlepool in January 1926.



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