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Details about Hutchinson & Partners

Ships Robert Hutchinson owned or had shares in from approximate dates were: 1851 Glory; 1853 Ivanhoe; 1855 Atlantic; 1857 Newport; 1864 Earl Bathurst; 1864 Argo; 1864 Ravensworth; 1867 Fanny; 1867 Penelope; 1867 Solon; 1867 Zior; 1868 Astley; 1870 Markwell; 1871 Abbotts Reading; 1873 Catherine Roberts; 1873 Ipswich; 1874 Williams; 1874 Malvina.

Other shareholders were: John Dennis; Thomas Hogarth; Joseph Peacock; Joseph Pearson; Nesswell Lowther; Matthew Boyes; John Furness; William Young; Michael Pennock Lund.

Family Histories of Shareholders:

John Dennis was born at Thorne, Yorkshire on 1st October 1815 to parents John (chaise driver) and Mary (nee Threader) Dennis. John started out as an apprentice aboard ship in May of 1829 in the coasting trade working his way up to a seaman, mate and gaining his master’s certificate in 1851 (C.N. 38528). He was master of the Ivanhoe on voyages between 1853 and 1855 and the Glory between May 1850 and 1859. Already a widower himself he married a widow, Ellen Russell, at Whitby on 1st June 1843. In 1851 the couple were living at Scarborough Street, West Hartlepool with John listed as a shipbroker. Ellen died aged 44 on 23 January 1862. John was then married at Hull on 4 February 1864 to Mrs Anne Remmington. By 1881 John had retired from shipbroking and the couple were living at Eskdaleside.

John died at Sleights, Eskdaleside on 12th April 1883 leaving effects of £515 17s. 6d. His widow, Ann, died aged 69 at Sleights on 25th June 1886.

Ships John had shares in from approximate dates were: 1851 Glory; 1853 Ivanhoe; 1855 Atlantic; 1862 Ava; 1864 Argo; 1865 M. Racer.

Other shareholders were: Robert Hutchinson; Thomas Hogarth; Joseph Peacock; William Young


Joseph Peacock was born on 22 November 1818 at Whitby. On the1841 census he is living with Jane Peacock who may be his grandmother as she is aged 70. Joseph married Dorothy Featherstone on 9th April 1846 at Stockton-on-Tees. In 1851 the couple were living at York Place, Hartlepool and by 1861 at Exeter Street, Stranton. In 1871 the family was living at Alma Place, West Hartlepool with Joseph away at sea. The couple had five children during their marriage. Joseph went to sea as an apprentice in December 1840 and worked his way up to master (C.N. 8472). On 3 April 1881 he was master on the brig Lucy (Official No. 11855) moored at Woolwich.

In the National Probate Register of October 1890 Joseph is described as living at Seaton Carew and working as a grocer so he must have retired from the sea sometime after 1881. He died aged 72 on 31 July 1890 leaving effects of £212.

Headstone inscription in Holy Trinity Churchyard at Seaton Carew.

'Dorothy wife of Joseph Peacock Master Mariner born 15 April 1820 died 15 July 1888 & above Joseph of Seaton Carew born 22 November 1818 died 31 July 1890 also Aina Emma their daughter born 15 October 1855 died 17 March 1923 also Emma their daughter died at Middlesbrough 24 August 1854 aged 5 also Susannah their daughter died at West Hartlepool 16 December 1934 aged 75 years.'

Joseph was master and had part shares in the following Hartlepool registered ships from approximate dates: 1858 Atlantic (master from 1858 to 1865); 1867 Solon (master from 1870 to 1873); 1873 Ipswich (master from 1873 to 1876); 1878 Earl of Sunderland (master in 1880).

Other shareholders were: John Dennis; Robert Hutchinson; William Young.


Matthew Boyes was born in May 1821 at Whitby to Ann (nee Dawson) and Matthew Boyes. He went to sea as an apprentice in about 1838 and worked his way up to ship master. Matthew married Elizabeth Farndale on 11th November 1844 at Stockton-on-Tees and in 1851 the couple were living at Yarm. In 1861 Matthew was master of the Ellen of Whitby and his wife was living with their daughter at Milton Road, West Hartlepool. In 1871 the couple were living with their daughter, Dinah (now Hough), at 6 Milton Street/Road, West Hartlepool. By 1891 Matthew was retired and living with his daughter and her family at 1 Milton Street, West Hartlepool.

Matthew died on 23rd May 1893 leaving effects of £30. His widow, Elizabeth, died aged 65 in January 1889.

Ships Matthew had shares in from approximate dates were: 1857 Tweed of Whitby (master 1857 to 1859); 1858 Newport (master 1858 to 1860); 1880 Primrose.

Other shareholders were: John Ripley (Whitby); Robert Hutchinson.


Nesswell Lowther was born on 24th February 1829 at Loftus to parents Elizabeth (nee Pennock) and George Lowther. He married Tamar Clark in 1855 at Stockton-on-Tees and the couple lived at 9 York Street, West Hartlepool until their deaths. Nesswell was a master mariner certificate no. 82250. He had sailed on Whitby ships and then Hartlepool ships. He was master of the Biferous when she was wrecked in April 1861 and was then master of the Ivanhoe from 1862 until 1870.

Nesswell died aged 64 at West Hartlepool on 23rd March 1893 leaving effects of £411. His widow, Tamar, died aged 78 in August 1908.

Ships Nesswell had shares in from approximate dates were: 1860 Biferous; 1864 Ivanhoe;

Other shareholders were: Henry, John and Thomas Braine (Greenwich); Robert Hutchinson.


Thomas Hogarth was born on 25th October 1825 at Whitby. He married Ann Jefferson in 1851 at Whitby. Thomas began his working life as an apprentice on the Alpha of Whitby in 1838. He received his mate’s certificate no. 61576 in 1854. By 1861 Thomas was living at York Street, Hartlepool with his wife and four children. In 1873 the family were living at 19 Frederick Street, Hartlepool.

Thomas was master of the Glory in 1859 and master and part owner of the Argo when he died on 18th November 1873 at Rouen, France leaving effects of under £200.

Robert Hutchinson was also part owner of the Argo.


John Furness was born in 1837 at West Hartlepool to parents Averill Easter (nee Wilson) and John Furness. He married Anne Peacock on 22nd May 1859 at Lynn Street, West Hartlepool and the couple resided at The Laurels, Rift House Farm, West Hartlepool. In the 1881 census John was described as a cattle dealer. He was one of the first importers of cattle from the Continent and U.S.A and was the brother of Sir Christopher Furness M.P. of Hartlepool.

John died aged 65 on 4th June 1902 leaving effects of £5,470.


Michael Pennock Lund was born in July 1836 at Whitby to parents Dorothy Pennock (Elliott) and John Lund. Michael married Georgina Metcalf in 1860 at Hartlepool. He was mate on the Hartlepool vessels John Buddle in 1856 and the Endeavour in 1857. He was also mate on various Whitby vessels before obtaining his master’s certificate no. 14794 in 1861. At that time he and his wife were living at No. 1. near the gas works at West Hartlepool. By 1881 the couple were living at Reed Street Hartlepool with their six children.

Michael died aged 63 at London on 17 April 1900. His widow, Georgina died at West Hartlepool in 1940.



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