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Strathmore House

Details about Strathmore House

Strathmore House is a large villa in Stockton Road Hartlepool. It was built as a private home in the mid 1880s by landowner John Richardson originally for himself. He was declared bankrupt in 1888 and in 1889 it became the home of shipbuilder R. W. Vick. By 1916, apartments could be rented in the building and in 1924 it became a training centre for Women's Employment. Here, unemployed women could learn domestic skills  such as sewing, housework, cookery, and laundry. It was bought by the Co-op in 1948 for use as a Funeral Home, which it still is today. The Co-op had repair work to complete as the building was damaged in World War 2 when nearby Houghton Street suffered a direct hit.

The deeds apparently mention the culvert from the burn which had a potential to flood.


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