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The Rotary Club of Hartlepool

Details about The Rotary Club Of Hartlepool

The Rotary Club of West Hartlepool, as it was originally named, held its first meeting at the Grand Hotel on 23rd January, 1923, with twenty five founding members present:

Officers –

President: Arthur B. Youngman (Manager, Barclays Bank)

Senior Vice-President: James W. Boanson (Master Painter & Decorator)

Junior Vice-President: R.F. Thompson (Pitwood Importer)

Hon. Secretary: William Barlow (Master Printer)

Hon. Treasurer: Basil Luis Denton (Accountant)


Council Members –

Harry Salmon (Expanded Metal manufacturer)

Sydney Hogg (Shipowner)

Ole Peter Aarvold (Shipbroker and Timber Agent)

Robert Lauder (Sawmiller and Timber Merchant)


Members –

Alf J. Morgan (Brewery Accountant)

Charles Carter (Brickmaker)

Edwin Birks (Grocer)

Charles F. Burton (Architect)

W.G. Willis (Newspaper Editor)

Robert B. Carter (Timber Importer)

J.A. Louis Downey (Borough Librarian)

Fred W. Todd (M.D. of M. Robinson Ltd.)

Fred J. Carr (Insurance Manager, Scottish & Norwich Union)

Thomas McCarthy (Ship Repairs Director, W.Gray & Co.)

Hans Benedict Olsen (Shipowner and Merchant)

Frank Whittington (Manager)

Leonard Ropner (Shipowner)

Tobias H. Tilly (Solicitor)

Joseph H. Smith (Solicitor)

W.E. Robinson (Ship Store Merchant)

These were the town’s leading business men and professionals who, through charitable works, wanted to provide support for the underprivileged, the elderly and young people - support that could not be obtained from other agencies.

The Club was accepted into the British Association of Rotary Clubs on 25th February, 1924 and is still very active, raising money through a wide range of charitable and fund-raising activities.