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Hartlepool seafarers lost at sea

Andrews, Joseph Shepherd

10, Dock Street, West Hartlepool
West Hartlepool

Lost on the steamship Manchuria

Joseph Shepherd Andrews was born in West Hartlepool in 1874, to parents Joseph and Elizabeth Jane Andrews (nee Hastings). who were married in 1868.
The 1891 Census shows Joseph and Elizabeth living at No.37, Pilot Street, Stranton, West Hartlepool, with their children Joseph (aged 16, a Shipyard Labourer), Mary (12), John (10), Albert (4), Elizabeth (2), and tw-month old Frances.

On October 1st, 1900, Joseph Shepherd married Elizabeth Annie Pounder, at St.James' Church, West Hartlepool.
The 1901 Census shows the couple and their 4-month old son Joseph Edward, living with Elizabeth's father, Edward Pounder, at No.16, Newburn Street, West Hartlepool. Also in the house at this time are Elizabeth's brothers James (aged 28, an Assistant Pilot), and 14-year old Albert E. Pounder.

The 1911 Census shows Joseph (now listed as an Able Seaman), and Elizabeth living in just one room in a five-roomed house in Back Bridge Street, with their two sons Joseph (aged now aged 10), and 10-month old A. Pounder.
At the time of Joseph's death, Elizabeth and her children were living at No.10, Dock Street, Throston.

The following information was kindly provided by Mr. Fred Nichol:
Joseph Shepherd Andrews was the first husband of Lizzie Pounder [Fred's grandmother]. Lizzie was from the Croft at old Hartlepool; her father was a fisherman and also served on the lifeboat.

After Joseph was lost on the Manchuria, Lizzie lived with Joseph's brother, John William Andrews [Fred's granfather], in Dock Street, Old Town. John served in the West Yorksire Regiment, and was deafened by the guns when serving on the Somme.
Lizzie and John never married, as this would have meant the loss of her War Widow's pension. John worked for many years at Gray's shipyard either as a labourer or as a 'holder-up', a semi-skilled job working with a riveter.